vrijdag 30 augustus 2013

The Bounce # 4

 Are you reading this series yet? This blog is dedicated to all non-Marvel / DC superheroes, so yeah, Image might be a bigger company but I still feel this is an independent book.
Anyway, Joe Casey updated the Spider-Man idea for 2YK with the introduction of a young, bouncing hero. He's not the responsible guy Peter Parker used to be though. He likes to use a bong, swears a lot and look a lot scruffier than Parker.
Still, this is solid superhero entertainment with bright colors, superpowers and good looking characters.
In this particular issue Bounce takes on a seemingly misunderstood villain called Horror and we meet a new villain called Vamp.
Also, we learn a bit more about where all the heroes and villains are suddenly coming from. This is cool because it shows us Bounce is an important part of a whole interesting superhero universe. That's the kind of thing I like about comic like The Bounce or Invincible. You get a whole new exciting universe but only need to follow one comic book.

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