woensdag 7 augustus 2013

The Legend of Will Power # 1

One of the things that makes this a cool comic book is that the writer did the art, the lettering and came up with the character.
We follow the birth of a new superhero, Will Power. The neat thing is that he's not really superpowered, in fact we all become WEAKER making him seem strong. There's lots of foreshadowing of coming adventures that make you realize this is not just the beginning of a new comic book series but a whole new universe.
The art is pretty much a J. Scott Campbell / cartoonier Jim Lee kind of style that will appeal to most modern comic book fans. The design of Will Power's ''costume''is pretty original, it's a football shirt. Yes, Will Power is a footballplayer which kind of makes this the story about what if Flash Thompson instead of Peter Parker gained superpowers.
More info about this come can be found on this extensive website: http://www.willpowercomic.com/

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