woensdag 21 februari 2018

Mega Woman #1 & 2 (Godhood Comics)

Keisha Carter is Mega Woman, probably the most badass metahuman (called Superiors in this universe) in the Godhood Comics verse. We watch her kick supervillain Captain-X's behind and are introduced to her police detective dad who reminded me of the Flash's stepfather in the TV show.
Turns out Mega Woman is a goddess as is further explained in the second issue. There we are also introduced to a female villain I would call hot if she wasn't one of those ice-powered ones.
The story is interesting and the designs are pretty cool. What really impressed me though was the DC / Marvel quality of the artwork, both the pencils as well as the coloring. A very professional package.
Mega Woman is a hero for our times and the perfect mix between a black superhero and a female hero that should make it a popular comic. After all, you could call it a mix between Wonder Woman and Black Panther and we all know how they did at the box office.

dinsdag 23 januari 2018

The White Ribbon Runs the Red Lights (Signal City) by Blake Michael Nelson

I don't like superhero novel that read too much like Young Adult novels or seem like just an excuse for a fantasy writer to sell books on the back of recent superhero blockbusters. This one doesn't fall in those categories, even if the protagonist is a young guy.
What is evident here is that the writer really loves superheroes and comics. Main heroes Skirmish and The White Ribbon may owe just a bit to Robin and Marvel's Cloak but mainly they are pretty original heroes and not the carbon copies of Batman or Superman we often encounter in these books.
Set in Signal City we read how Skirmish, martial arts expert and sidekick to hero Quarterstaff gets involved with the theft of magical weapons and meets the young female mystical hero The White Ribbon. In his investigations he has to face his darker past at an assassin school.
I really loved how fast-paced this novel was. It's not too long and the scenes move along quickly with very well written action scenes.

woensdag 10 januari 2018

The Ultimate Agent (Ultimate Agency) by Derek Borne

With this series of novels  I was expecting more or less a book about SHIELD, what I got was way more T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents...
Devon Bertrand is recruited to join the Ultimate Agency, a secret spy organization. There he is gifted with amazing superpowers and assisted by Brett who outfits himself with all kinds of gadgets. Together they fight some superpowered and evil Russians. Along the way they gather some female, superpowered allies. There's also some love stories as subplots.
I thought at times the character development scenes took a bit too long but the action scenes are splash page amazing. The superpowers are impressive and no holds are barred there. The universe is pretty original but absolutely a superhero one even though a bit more realistic than the usual comic book ones. Don't however mistake this for a dark and gritty deconstruction story. It's just plain fun, superheroic spies fighting all over the world.

woensdag 3 januari 2018

Like Father, Like Daughter # 1-4 (Short Fuse Media)

These days a lot of my favorite comic book writers are female: Margaret Stohl, Becky Cloonan, etc.
With this series I can add Kathryn Calamia to that list.
Casey is a young girl whose father has left her when she was young. The reason he did was that he preferred his life as the world's only superhero to that of a devoting father. When she gets superpowers herself she enlists the aid of some friends to learn more about her powers. When her dad returns in her life and they try to understand where his powers came from things get dramatic and dangerous.
This is a superhero comic with only a few action scenes and no real supervillains. In this world being a superhero is still unique and Casey's dad, Invulnerable is the only costumed hero out there.There is a suspenseful story, some real emotions and some laughs.
The whole realistic feel, the combination of high school setting and female protagonist, the mysterious plot... These elements would make this a great Netflix series! So I recommend this for people who love the CW shows and stuff like that.

vrijdag 29 december 2017

Free superhero prose fiction for you!

I just need to tell you folks about Trish Heinrich's book that is available for free right now.

Free for a limited time!  Alice takes up the mantle of the Serpent to defeat a nightmare villain, but at what cost? Get the book fans call "a swanky, action-packed superhero novel!" Free until January 1st! Don't wait, get your copy today!
Here's the link:   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075PLKZT5
 Trish was inspired by a song by geek rockers Kirby Krackle who I just love. So that should go a long way in showing us Trish is the real deal and not just another writer trying to cash in on the current superhero movie craze.

donderdag 14 december 2017

Trials (The Omega Superhero Book Two) by Darius Brasher

In this follow-up to Caped we again follow Theodore Conley (Kinetic) in his path to becoming a great superhero. He and his friends from book 1 have to undergo a series of trials in order to become a licensed superhero. Some trials are just about fighting, some about surviving and others are more psychological.
I had a feeling some chapters were a bit less fast-paced than in the first novel. I do admit though that for instance Kinetic's battle with Myth was so awesome and well-written I could see the comic book panels in my head.
Theodore is a well-rounded character, a lovable geek sometimes (there's a Kobayashi Maru / Star Trek reference), sometimes a jerk, but always very human. His supporting cast is also very unique as were some of the other wannabe superheroes.

woensdag 6 december 2017

The Mighty Crusaders # 1 (Archie Comics)

With this first issue the familiar good old heroes The Mighty Crusaders return. I've read them in their old Red Circle comics, in their DC Comics Impact line and in the more recent Archie version.
I'm happy to say this looks like quite a strong version, incorporating several strongpoints of those earlier runs.
The feel of the comic is pretty fun and classic with nice and vibrant colors and clean artwork. The characters are fun and lively. Still, there seems to be a modern sensibility to the story.
I liked how the old and new Crusaders are linked via the new (female) Shield talking to the new one. I loved seeing all characters return but found myself especially loving The Web.