donderdag 14 december 2017

Trials (The Omega Superhero Book Two) by Darius Brasher

In this follow-up to Caped we again follow Theodore Conley (Kinetic) in his path to becoming a great superhero. He and his friends from book 1 have to undergo a series of trials in order to become a licensed superhero. Some trials are just about fighting, some about surviving and others are more psychological.
I had a feeling some chapters were a bit less fast-paced than in the first novel. I do admit though that for instance Kinetic's battle with Myth was so awesome and well-written I could see the comic book panels in my head.
Theodore is a well-rounded character, a lovable geek sometimes (there's a Kobayashi Maru / Star Trek reference), sometimes a jerk, but always very human. His supporting cast is also very unique as were some of the other wannabe superheroes.

woensdag 6 december 2017

The Mighty Crusaders # 1 (Archie Comics)

With this first issue the familiar good old heroes The Mighty Crusaders return. I've read them in their old Red Circle comics, in their DC Comics Impact line and in the more recent Archie version.
I'm happy to say this looks like quite a strong version, incorporating several strongpoints of those earlier runs.
The feel of the comic is pretty fun and classic with nice and vibrant colors and clean artwork. The characters are fun and lively. Still, there seems to be a modern sensibility to the story.
I liked how the old and new Crusaders are linked via the new (female) Shield talking to the new one. I loved seeing all characters return but found myself especially loving The Web.

woensdag 15 november 2017

Caped (The Omega Superhero # 1) by Darius Brasher

In this novel we are introduced to farmboy Theodore Conley who turns out to be one of the more powerful metahumans in the little universe Darius Brasher created (he also has a series called The Superhero Detective). He's a nerdy, scrawny kid with a great guy for a father. He kinda reminded me of Peter Parker growing up with Jonathan Kent (you know, Superman's stepdad).
Anyway, superheroes here need to be licensed. To become that they need to go to superhero school and Theodore, becoming the hero Kinetic does that. When he faces his new moral enemy he's ready to break some rules though.
This is a fun book with just a tad of darkness every now and then. Theodore is a great character you can really identify with and root for. One of his friends, Myth, has the power to become mythical creatures which I thought was an awesome power! His friendship with his fellow teen heroes is written as good as the best Avengers Academy scenes and the fights move fast.
Great first book, have already bought the second one in this series.

woensdag 8 november 2017

Argo 5 # 24 (Argo Comics)

Do you remember those cool old comics where the Justice League teamed up with the Justice Society? Those days when team ups were still fun and cool instead of long boring stories that take a year to tell? This comic is clearly a homage to that as Argo 5 teams up with that other superteam in the Argo Comics Universe, Impact International. Just like in those old comics they split up in small groups. In this case to track down the offspring of some aliens. The stakes are pretty high if they fail too!
The artwork by Alex Garcia is great, it looks a lot like George Perez which is pretty high praise. The story by Dan Sehn is great fun to read and the Argo Comics characters are always fun and timeless.

woensdag 1 november 2017

Swan Song (Permafrost / The Swan) by Frank Fradella

I used to love the stories on the old Cyberage Adventures website. They were a very Astro City like take on superheroes, combining very human characters with cool powers. Until now I never read a novel by Cyberage creator Frank Fradella. With the big new plans he has for his characters I picked this one up and loved it.
The book is called Swan Song after a superhero appearing in the book, but the focus is more on the heroin called Permafrost. Through her eyes we meet the hero The Swan. He is a very popular kind of everyman superhero who helps Permafrost in tracking down her father's killer.
There's a nice couple of superheroes here such as kung-fu master Jade Tiger, language expert Lexicon and the Superman / Captain America mix called The Minuteman. There's also a very cool and dangerous villain with an interesting premise. The fight scenes are pretty exciting.
What makes this such a good book though is the very in-depth look behind the masks of the main heroes Permafrost and The Swan who become very real human beings throughout the novel.

zondag 29 oktober 2017

Superteam: The Red Raptor Files - Part 2 by Christopher Valin

I read this one right after Sidekick The Red Raport Files - Part 1. That was a pretty fun book as well, but it suffered a bit too much from the fact that it read like the Batman and Robin of an alternate earth. With this one stuff gets a bit more original.
Red Raptor, sidekick of dark vigilante Black Harrier sets out to create his own superteam when he's fed up with the rules of the superhero guild that wants him to use his old name Red Kite again. He gets together a pretty cool group of sidekicks together, just like Robin did in the classic Teen Titans comics. There's a powerhouse, a speedster and a Wondergirl-like character but they never feel like rip-offs I had to admit. There's also this hugely entertaining less able hero called Cricket who could be this universe's own Squirrel Girl.
When the biggest heroes of this universe seem to have gone bad it's up to Red Raptor and his team to save the world. Pretty harrowing, just like the job Red Raptor now has flipping burgers...
What makes this one such a great read is the incredibly fast-paced style of writing. You can really picture the comic book panels in your head as you read the fight scenes.
I hope there's third book soon.

zaterdag 21 oktober 2017

The Edge: Revenant by Marvin Wynne

This is a comic series, created by Marvin Wynn with a pretty original feel to it without losing what we love in superhero comics. In this paperback collecting issues 1-4 we follow the adventures of a striketeam in their hunt for the villain called Revenant, whose look reminded me of DC's Nightwing.
 The superpowered folks in this series have been infected with a virus called The Edge that gives them their powers.
There are some overtones of Extreme's Brigade and Bloodstrike here, both in the look of the striketeam involved and the violence. The costumes look pretty original and where many other indy superheroes look like copies of the bigger icons like Superman and Batman all characters here look pretty unique.
The art by Mark V is pretty solid most of the time, though not all pages look as good.