woensdag 27 november 2013

Mighty Titan # 2

Of course a lot of interest for this title comes from the character having cancer. Since I recently had to face the fact a close relative was diagnosed with this terrible disease made this comic impact me pretty hard. But there is more to it than just this original plot. The art is very professional and the fact Titan is a father with kids is just as original as the fact he has cancer.
In this issue we see how he deals with the diagnosis given him next issue and we see more of the mysterious villain lurking in the shadows. The conversations seem all so very real, which is no surprise because writer Joe Martino had to face cancer himself. I feel for Titan and his family. His condition had me care for his fate like no regular villain could ever hope to achieve for him.
This comic does everything a comic should do. It entertained me, made my laugh, made me cry and even gave me some comfort.
Give it a shot. For more info go here.

donderdag 21 november 2013


I love superhero prose... But there aren't many sites that feature that anymore. What I want to do is publish a blog with all-new superhero fiction.... Written by you?

I'm looking for short stories, about 2000 words maximum featuring superpowered heroes or costumed vigilantes. I want stories that embrace everything that makes superheroes cool: secret identities, awesome powers, evil villains.

I don't like pastiches or exact copies of known villains, neither am I looking for fan fiction.

There's no pay involved but I will be sure to include a bio and a link to any books or sites you want promoted.

You can contact me at jvdsteen@hotmail. Tell me about the story you want to tell and I will tell you if I am interested.

woensdag 6 november 2013

Advent Comics Handbook

I've loved sourcebooks ever since I first picked up a copy of a Marvel Universe Handbook. What a way to get to know a superhero and the universe he lives in.
This one introduced me to the Advent Comics Universe, which seems to be quite an interesting one. Among my favorite characters I count Rann Darklight and Savior.
The art is pretty mixed with some artwork looking like it was made with the Hero Machine software and some just looking amazing (for instance Michael's page).
All in all it is a pretty professional package with amazing coloring work and an interesting read. I will be sure to look out for some more Advent Comics.
Check it out here...