vrijdag 30 augustus 2013

The Bounce # 4

 Are you reading this series yet? This blog is dedicated to all non-Marvel / DC superheroes, so yeah, Image might be a bigger company but I still feel this is an independent book.
Anyway, Joe Casey updated the Spider-Man idea for 2YK with the introduction of a young, bouncing hero. He's not the responsible guy Peter Parker used to be though. He likes to use a bong, swears a lot and look a lot scruffier than Parker.
Still, this is solid superhero entertainment with bright colors, superpowers and good looking characters.
In this particular issue Bounce takes on a seemingly misunderstood villain called Horror and we meet a new villain called Vamp.
Also, we learn a bit more about where all the heroes and villains are suddenly coming from. This is cool because it shows us Bounce is an important part of a whole interesting superhero universe. That's the kind of thing I like about comic like The Bounce or Invincible. You get a whole new exciting universe but only need to follow one comic book.

Q & A with Joe Martino (Mighty Titan)

Talented Joe Martin has a really cool series going with Mighty Titan so I thought it would be cool to ask him a few questions...

1. Tell us what Mighty Titan is about?
The Mighty Titan is a story about an invulnerable hero who finds out that his alter-ego has a potentially terminal disease. Titan's alter-ego has cancer.
2. To readers of what comics will it appeal?
If you like Superman or Captain Marvel, you will love The Mighty Titan. 
3. Where can we find it?
Right now you can get issue 1 at my webstore. www.jgmcomics.ecrater.com
4. Who is your favorite comic book hero and who your favorite creator?
Superman, bar none. I don't have a favorite creator but I am very into the mid to late 80's artists. John Byrne, George Perez, Jack Kirby. 
5. What is it about superheroes that appeals to people so much and why are there so many comic book movies now?
I don't know what took so long! Most of the people reading comics are my age and I think that we are making superheroes accessible again. I used to say that I create superhero comics for people who still believe in superheroes. Looks like they are back with a vengeance!

dinsdag 27 augustus 2013

Q & A with Scott Rogers (Bedbug)

I enjoyed reading Bedbug # 1 a lot, so decided to do a short interview with its creator, Scott Rogers...

1. Tell us what Bedbug is about?
Bedbug sprung from the brain of Scott Rogers - veteran video game designer (God of War, Maximo series, Pac-Man World among others) and author (Level Up! The Guide to Great Game Design, Swipe This! The Guide to Great Touchscreen Design) - when he found modern superheroes to be violent, depressing and not relatable. Taking inspiration from his young children, Scott created Bedbug for Shooting Star Comics Anthology (2002-2005). He wanted to launch the single-father superhero into his own title and finally got the opportunity after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2013. Scott used his recovery to write, draw and publish Bedbug #1 - with the help of a few friends; including Erik Burnham (IDW’s Ghostbusters) and Chad Jones (Bluewater’s Wrath of the Titans). Bedbug is ready to battle the forces of evil in Silicon City… when he’s not taking care of his young daughter, Elvira. He's a hero who balances fighting crime with family time!

2. To readers of what comics will it appeal?
Bedbug is a superhero adventure suitable for all-ages - especially Dads with kids who are starting to get into superhero comics!

3. Where can we find it?
Bedbug #1 is available at select comic stores around Los Angeles or by mail-order at http://www.mightybedbug.com

4. Is his secret identity named after Batman artist Dick Sprang?
Very observant of you! Dick Sprang is my all-time favorite Batman artist. My favorite story by him is "The Joker's Utility Belt" from Batman 73. Check it out.

5. Who is your favorite comic book hero and who your favorite creator?
Well, it might be obvious that my favorite is Batman, but I have a fondness for Spider-Man, Blue Beetle and Jack Knight Starman. I have many favorite creators but apart from Dick Sprang, I really like John Byrne, Steve Ditko and Marshall Rogers.

6. What is it about superheroes that appeals to people so much and why are there so many comic book movies now?
Why there are so many superhero movies, I think modern moviegoers want the escapism the fantasy/superhero genre provides - the modern world has a lot of scary things in it and fantasizing that we are one of these heroes who can overcome these things gives us hope. The best superheroes are the ones we want to be like.We might not have super-strength, heat-vision or be able to fly, but still superheroes can inspire us to be the best we can be. A good super hero is someone we can look up to, someone who inspires us to do what is right and help others when in need. These are the traits I try to give to Bedbug and I hope he inspires his readers as much as the superheroes I grew up with inspired me. 

woensdag 14 augustus 2013

Bedbug # 1

This is an interesting comic. It can best be described as a lively mix between Archie comics, Ambush Bug and the sixties Batman comic. I'm also pretty sure that Bedbug's real last name isn't Sprang (like Batman artist Dick Sprang) by coincidence.
There's several stories in this one along with some Marvel Handbook style pages about the hero and his world. One of the stories tells the original origin (that reminded me of classic great origins like Iron Man's) another one shows off the hero's rogue's gallery.
Bedbug is a very light-hearted character and a welcome relief from the dark and gritty guys like Wolverine or the current Batman. Still, it IS a superhero comic with secret identities, scheming villains and some action scenes.
Pick this one up if you're tired of dark & gritty.
More info: http://mightybedbug.blogspot.com/

Titan by EA Bruce

Here's the first review of superpowered prose on this blog.
Eric is a regular young guy who becomes a superhero called Titan. Eric must find out what happened to his sister, who should have been the superhero. Along the way he faces his arch-enemy Bone and a rogue military group.
The story itself is pretty good and multi-layered. Lots of emotional and deep stuff. I wasn't sure about the pacing though. It takes a long time for the story to get running and the page count might be a bit too high. Sometimes it seemed more Lord of The Rings than Superman if you know what I mean. Some scenes were just described in too much detail for me.
Overall though, an interesting story about an interesting new hero.
For more info: http://www.amazon.com/Titan-E-A-Bruce/dp/1481969412

dinsdag 13 augustus 2013

Argo 5 # 0

This is one of the most professional looking books I've seen from such a small company. The artwork and the coloring is just as good as any Marvel or DC book.
I loved the fast-paced story that was done in one issue. The heroes look cool and the team doesn't look like a Justice League knock-off like way too many superhero teams do.
We see how  Gladiatra, Shazrath, Blue Dynamo, Kasira and Chain Reaction got together in one team and all characters are introduced nicely.
I especially love how Blue Dynamo is a relatable guy in the Wally West / Peter Parker mold but still nothing like those characters.
There's a great idea in the book as well, HeroDate, a dating website for heroes. Hey, there are dating sites for all sorts of target groups, so that makes sense, right?
Eager to read more of this publisher.
See more at: http://www.argocomics.com/

woensdag 7 augustus 2013

The Mighty Titan # 1

I love how Kickstarter makes it possible for creators to get their own superhero comics out there. This is one I've been waiting for for what seemed forever.
Titan is a Superman-like good guy. We see him face off against some mecha villain and hear about his enemy Trenchcoat in this first issue before the shocker ending that makes me really look forward to # 2.
A lot of you might know about the cancer-angle of this comic. There's not much of it in this one, but there will be sure to be more in the next one.
The artwork is very professional looking and I really like the fact Titan is an all-American hero, not an anti-hero but a full-blooded Captain America / Superman kind of guy. And hey, it sports a Jerry Ordway cover!
For more about this series, check out http://www.jgmcomics.com/.

The Legend of Will Power # 1

One of the things that makes this a cool comic book is that the writer did the art, the lettering and came up with the character.
We follow the birth of a new superhero, Will Power. The neat thing is that he's not really superpowered, in fact we all become WEAKER making him seem strong. There's lots of foreshadowing of coming adventures that make you realize this is not just the beginning of a new comic book series but a whole new universe.
The art is pretty much a J. Scott Campbell / cartoonier Jim Lee kind of style that will appeal to most modern comic book fans. The design of Will Power's ''costume''is pretty original, it's a football shirt. Yes, Will Power is a footballplayer which kind of makes this the story about what if Flash Thompson instead of Peter Parker gained superpowers.
More info about this come can be found on this extensive website: http://www.willpowercomic.com/


On this blog I will be reviewing independent comic books featuring superheroes and interviewing and spotlighting their creators. If you want to be featured with your comic / company on this blog let me know. For reviews, sent me a PDF copy of your comic.
I hope to do for independent superheroes on this blog what I did for PI fiction at http://sonsofspade.blogspot.com.

(left: picture from War of the Independents comic)