woensdag 7 augustus 2013

The Mighty Titan # 1

I love how Kickstarter makes it possible for creators to get their own superhero comics out there. This is one I've been waiting for for what seemed forever.
Titan is a Superman-like good guy. We see him face off against some mecha villain and hear about his enemy Trenchcoat in this first issue before the shocker ending that makes me really look forward to # 2.
A lot of you might know about the cancer-angle of this comic. There's not much of it in this one, but there will be sure to be more in the next one.
The artwork is very professional looking and I really like the fact Titan is an all-American hero, not an anti-hero but a full-blooded Captain America / Superman kind of guy. And hey, it sports a Jerry Ordway cover!
For more about this series, check out http://www.jgmcomics.com/.

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