dinsdag 13 augustus 2013

Argo 5 # 0

This is one of the most professional looking books I've seen from such a small company. The artwork and the coloring is just as good as any Marvel or DC book.
I loved the fast-paced story that was done in one issue. The heroes look cool and the team doesn't look like a Justice League knock-off like way too many superhero teams do.
We see how  Gladiatra, Shazrath, Blue Dynamo, Kasira and Chain Reaction got together in one team and all characters are introduced nicely.
I especially love how Blue Dynamo is a relatable guy in the Wally West / Peter Parker mold but still nothing like those characters.
There's a great idea in the book as well, HeroDate, a dating website for heroes. Hey, there are dating sites for all sorts of target groups, so that makes sense, right?
Eager to read more of this publisher.
See more at: http://www.argocomics.com/

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