woensdag 14 augustus 2013

Bedbug # 1

This is an interesting comic. It can best be described as a lively mix between Archie comics, Ambush Bug and the sixties Batman comic. I'm also pretty sure that Bedbug's real last name isn't Sprang (like Batman artist Dick Sprang) by coincidence.
There's several stories in this one along with some Marvel Handbook style pages about the hero and his world. One of the stories tells the original origin (that reminded me of classic great origins like Iron Man's) another one shows off the hero's rogue's gallery.
Bedbug is a very light-hearted character and a welcome relief from the dark and gritty guys like Wolverine or the current Batman. Still, it IS a superhero comic with secret identities, scheming villains and some action scenes.
Pick this one up if you're tired of dark & gritty.
More info: http://mightybedbug.blogspot.com/

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