woensdag 21 februari 2018

Mega Woman #1 & 2 (Godhood Comics)

Keisha Carter is Mega Woman, probably the most badass metahuman (called Superiors in this universe) in the Godhood Comics verse. We watch her kick supervillain Captain-X's behind and are introduced to her police detective dad who reminded me of the Flash's stepfather in the TV show.
Turns out Mega Woman is a goddess as is further explained in the second issue. There we are also introduced to a female villain I would call hot if she wasn't one of those ice-powered ones.
The story is interesting and the designs are pretty cool. What really impressed me though was the DC / Marvel quality of the artwork, both the pencils as well as the coloring. A very professional package.
Mega Woman is a hero for our times and the perfect mix between a black superhero and a female hero that should make it a popular comic. After all, you could call it a mix between Wonder Woman and Black Panther and we all know how they did at the box office.

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