woensdag 3 januari 2018

Like Father, Like Daughter # 1-4 (Short Fuse Media)

These days a lot of my favorite comic book writers are female: Margaret Stohl, Becky Cloonan, etc.
With this series I can add Kathryn Calamia to that list.
Casey is a young girl whose father has left her when she was young. The reason he did was that he preferred his life as the world's only superhero to that of a devoting father. When she gets superpowers herself she enlists the aid of some friends to learn more about her powers. When her dad returns in her life and they try to understand where his powers came from things get dramatic and dangerous.
This is a superhero comic with only a few action scenes and no real supervillains. In this world being a superhero is still unique and Casey's dad, Invulnerable is the only costumed hero out there.There is a suspenseful story, some real emotions and some laughs.
The whole realistic feel, the combination of high school setting and female protagonist, the mysterious plot... These elements would make this a great Netflix series! So I recommend this for people who love the CW shows and stuff like that.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome review! I'm in graduate school for TV writing, so glad you saw some of that flavor in there as well. Hope you are excited for issue 5 =)