dinsdag 3 september 2013

Q & A with Dan Sehn (Argo 5)

1. Tell us what Argo 5 is about?
Argo 5 is a super-team that handles threats from alien invasions to subterranean menaces but the core of the book is actually the social interactions. The book is a bit more focused on the character's personal lives than just fighting the bad guys. Instead of just the threat of the month or continuous misdirection, Argo Comics strives to tell good entertaining stories that are a bit less convoluted than most mainstream comics.
2. To readers of what comics will it appeal?
It would probably appeal to long time readers of the big 2 that might find ia change of pace refreshing. Coke and Pepsi are great but sometimes you need a Dr. Pepper.
3. Where can we find it?
The books can be found here: http://indyplanet.com/store/index.php?manufacturers_id=4417 and digitally here: http://indyplanet.com/digital/index.php?manufacturers_id=4417
4. Any advice for other people wanting to publish independent superhero stories?
I would say remaining focused is important. Many have their own heroes and get diverted into getting endless commissions of their character and build web sites devoted to their characters but no effort is put towards putting together the actual comic. I'd also say to strive for originality. Publishing a book similar to the ones you enjoy from the larger companies is a mistake in that there are already many of those books with characters people are already fond of. Indie superheroes must strive towards originality to give people a new experience.

5. Who is your favorite comic book hero and who your favorite creator?
My favorite character would have to be the Pre-New 52 Superman. I'm hoping he'll return someday. My favorite creator is a bit tougher. The short list of writers would have to be Will Eisner, The Hernandez Brothers, and Alan Moore. Artists are much tougher as there is no short list. Art Adams, Adam Hughes, George Perez, Rick Mays, Bill Maus, Tom Raney, Mike McKone, Kevin Maguire, Franchesco!, Brad Green, Chris Cross, Terry Dodson, Frank Cho, Steve McNiven, Nick Bradshaw, Paul Pelletier, Brandon Peterson, Fred Perry, Todd McFarlane, Dale Keown and Sarah Pichelli are a few of my favorites that come to mind.

 6. What is it about superheroes that appeals to people so much and why are there so many comic book movies now?
Superheroes probably appeal to many who enjoy the escapism aspect of the genre. Most would like the more extraordinary lives exemplified by the adventures of those with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal man. Those stories have almost a universal appeal and thus the popularity of the movies. Film does not suffer the stigma of being purely juvenile entertainment so they thrive where the comic industry struggles.

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