woensdag 25 september 2013

Super # 1!

Super! is a new comic book series from Unlikely Heroes Studios funded by Kickstarter. It features a bunch of original superheroes with a funny bend, but lots of action. The most serious character is Blitz, a great superheroine who to me is the female answer to Peter Parker / Barry Allen, that is very easy to relate to and the perfect person to introduce the reader to this crazy new world, Cosmopolis. There's the Lush (based on the Hulk) and Streak (based on the Flash) who are really crazy characters that reminded me of the DC series Hitman and the quirky characters that Garth Ennis invented there. There's also a cool Tony Stark kind of guy stealing the show with his charm. I think one of the most popular characters will be FireAnt, who seems to be a mix of SpiderMan and Blue Beetle. He has a great visual.
We follow this band of heroes during a typical day of fighting powerful villains and trying to come up with a better name for their superteam.
At 52 pages this is a very full experience with a fantastic suprise ending I just don't want to spoil. The art is very good-looking, especially the coloring is amazing.

Check out the Facebookpage here: https://www.facebook.com/#!/UnlikelyHeroesSuper
It will be available at www.comixology.com today!

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