zondag 29 oktober 2017

Superteam: The Red Raptor Files - Part 2 by Christopher Valin

I read this one right after Sidekick The Red Raport Files - Part 1. That was a pretty fun book as well, but it suffered a bit too much from the fact that it read like the Batman and Robin of an alternate earth. With this one stuff gets a bit more original.
Red Raptor, sidekick of dark vigilante Black Harrier sets out to create his own superteam when he's fed up with the rules of the superhero guild that wants him to use his old name Red Kite again. He gets together a pretty cool group of sidekicks together, just like Robin did in the classic Teen Titans comics. There's a powerhouse, a speedster and a Wondergirl-like character but they never feel like rip-offs I had to admit. There's also this hugely entertaining less able hero called Cricket who could be this universe's own Squirrel Girl.
When the biggest heroes of this universe seem to have gone bad it's up to Red Raptor and his team to save the world. Pretty harrowing, just like the job Red Raptor now has flipping burgers...
What makes this one such a great read is the incredibly fast-paced style of writing. You can really picture the comic book panels in your head as you read the fight scenes.
I hope there's third book soon.

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