woensdag 1 november 2017

Swan Song (Permafrost / The Swan) by Frank Fradella

I used to love the stories on the old Cyberage Adventures website. They were a very Astro City like take on superheroes, combining very human characters with cool powers. Until now I never read a novel by Cyberage creator Frank Fradella. With the big new plans he has for his characters I picked this one up and loved it.
The book is called Swan Song after a superhero appearing in the book, but the focus is more on the heroin called Permafrost. Through her eyes we meet the hero The Swan. He is a very popular kind of everyman superhero who helps Permafrost in tracking down her father's killer.
There's a nice couple of superheroes here such as kung-fu master Jade Tiger, language expert Lexicon and the Superman / Captain America mix called The Minuteman. There's also a very cool and dangerous villain with an interesting premise. The fight scenes are pretty exciting.
What makes this such a good book though is the very in-depth look behind the masks of the main heroes Permafrost and The Swan who become very real human beings throughout the novel.

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