woensdag 15 november 2017

Caped (The Omega Superhero # 1) by Darius Brasher

In this novel we are introduced to farmboy Theodore Conley who turns out to be one of the more powerful metahumans in the little universe Darius Brasher created (he also has a series called The Superhero Detective). He's a nerdy, scrawny kid with a great guy for a father. He kinda reminded me of Peter Parker growing up with Jonathan Kent (you know, Superman's stepdad).
Anyway, superheroes here need to be licensed. To become that they need to go to superhero school and Theodore, becoming the hero Kinetic does that. When he faces his new moral enemy he's ready to break some rules though.
This is a fun book with just a tad of darkness every now and then. Theodore is a great character you can really identify with and root for. One of his friends, Myth, has the power to become mythical creatures which I thought was an awesome power! His friendship with his fellow teen heroes is written as good as the best Avengers Academy scenes and the fights move fast.
Great first book, have already bought the second one in this series.

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