woensdag 11 oktober 2017

Double Lives (Johnny Wagner, Godlike PI) by Matt Cowper

I don't just read superhero comics. I love superhero novels as well.
I enjoyed this one more than I thought. I love PI fiction but I've come across a lot of superhero novels that combine that with superhero fiction. The writing and fun plot in this one really won me over though.
John Wagner is  a PI with the arm of a god. When a popular superhero is killed by a second class supervillain the widow asks him to investigate. Along the way he encounters many superheroes and supervillains among which his old girlfriend and the hot assassin called Deathrain.
The dialogue between Wagner and the god that inhabits his arm are very funny. The heroes and villains aren't knock-offs of popular comic book characters but very original creations. I loved that.
Very eager to see this character return.

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