zaterdag 21 oktober 2017

The Edge: Revenant by Marvin Wynne

This is a comic series, created by Marvin Wynn with a pretty original feel to it without losing what we love in superhero comics. In this paperback collecting issues 1-4 we follow the adventures of a striketeam in their hunt for the villain called Revenant, whose look reminded me of DC's Nightwing.
 The superpowered folks in this series have been infected with a virus called The Edge that gives them their powers.
There are some overtones of Extreme's Brigade and Bloodstrike here, both in the look of the striketeam involved and the violence. The costumes look pretty original and where many other indy superheroes look like copies of the bigger icons like Superman and Batman all characters here look pretty unique.
The art by Mark V is pretty solid most of the time, though not all pages look as good.

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