vrijdag 10 februari 2017

Argo Comics Double Shot #1

Argo Comics is one of the most trustworthy publishers of indepent superhero comics out there. Not many publishers manage to put out so many books a year. This one is a partnership of Argo Comics and Excelsior Quadrinhos, featuring characters from both universes.
The All-American and Artillery face terrorists at the Olympic Games. Sensei X and Ninjana’s dinner plan’s go wrong when they face some nasty thugs. There's also the Weaponaire and Avatar who fight vampires!
All stories are short and to the point. Nothing deep, but fun action-packed stories to wet your appetite for these characters. The art can pretty much stand up to the big publishers and the coloring is awesome.
Check this book out if you want some old-fashioned superheroic fun.

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