vrijdag 27 mei 2016

Earthling # 2

In this second issue we get a glimpse at the origins of Earthling and a better idea of his universe. This series takes place mainly in The Netherlands, or a version of it where most signs are in english ;-).
We get to meet Holland's very own version of Superman and Captain America in The Flying Dutchman who servers as a perfect example for us why Earthling exists and what sets him apart from other heroes. Where most heroes worry about the big villains our vegan superhero takes care of the animals who are endangered. He is more interested in justice than the law, which will be sure to have him clash with some of the superheroes we meet this issue.
The whole idea is more fleshed out than #1 which seemed to be more about the flash-bang end of the concept. This one's writing is really better than the first issue.
The artwork is spectacular, definitely up to Marvel or DC standards. Of the two artists contributing I prefer Bien Flores' work which looks a bit more timeless than Jim Jiminez'.
Cool artwork, cool new heroes and a message. This is what comics should be about!

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