donderdag 14 december 2017

Trials (The Omega Superhero Book Two) by Darius Brasher

In this follow-up to Caped we again follow Theodore Conley (Kinetic) in his path to becoming a great superhero. He and his friends from book 1 have to undergo a series of trials in order to become a licensed superhero. Some trials are just about fighting, some about surviving and others are more psychological.
I had a feeling some chapters were a bit less fast-paced than in the first novel. I do admit though that for instance Kinetic's battle with Myth was so awesome and well-written I could see the comic book panels in my head.
Theodore is a well-rounded character, a lovable geek sometimes (there's a Kobayashi Maru / Star Trek reference), sometimes a jerk, but always very human. His supporting cast is also very unique as were some of the other wannabe superheroes.

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