zondag 6 augustus 2017

Earthling # 3

Every issue of this series is eagerly awaited by me. Earthling is just such a cool character, both superhero and animal rights activist. I love how he uses his powers, a bit simular to DC's Vixen but executed cooler.
In this issue his mission becomes even clearer, to us and to Earthling as he fights The Regiment, Genuine Comics' government-sanctioned heroes. Earthling is not on the side of law and order or the government. He fights for the animals.
The art by Jim Jiminez is impressive as is the coloring. We get a deeper understanding of the vegan hero with this issue, impressive writing. I'm afraid some people might think they will not enjoy the issue because of the animal rights angle. They would be wrong. Even if you don't agree with the politics involved, this is a solid independent superhero book with good production values and good characters.

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