dinsdag 2 juni 2015

That BulletProof Kid # 1-3

The USA isn't the only country where cool superheroes are born. This series from Australia is proof positive!
We follow the adventures of superhero /  teenager Anthony Fischer who reminded me more of Richard Rider (the old Nova) then Peter Parker. That is, he's not a geek but pretty much a regular kid (wearing punkrock outfits which I dig). There's a lot scenes at school and at home so we get a pretty good idea of Anthony and his friends.
Okay, there's a lot of superhero stuff as well of course. Fischer is Bulletproof, a young superhero who teams up with some other heroes on a regular basis. There's an organisation that seems to be keeping tabs on the superheroes called The Tribunal that doesn't trust our hero and a villain in the Darkseid mold called Maux that will be sure to challenge our hero in issues to come.
While most other superheroes aren't very iconic and the artwork isn't always as solid as a book by the Big Two there's a lot of energy to this series that I dig. The writing is pretty solid and I like the fact this is 100% no-frills honest to gosh superheroes.
If you liked Invincible, but thought that book became too crazy and violent this is the book to pick up.

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