woensdag 21 mei 2014

Heroic # 1

Another cool superhero comic funded by Kickstarter... The brainchild of Andrew Collas this is the start of a new superhero universe that looks pretty cool.
We witness how a hero called Lady America announces she is quitting her job at the funeral of a hero called Guardsman. What happens next to her will surprise you, but I won't tell you here so as not to spoil anything.
Turns out the Tony Stark of this universe is called Doc Titan, a shapechanger. It's clear he seems to have his hand in a lot of nasty stuff.
As an "egg" is stolen from a secret facility we soon learn there's a superhuman inside who is hunted down by a cool bunch of supervillains... Luckily it seems there's some superheroic help on the way.
I liked the way this story is not a spoof, not a deconstruction but surely dark enough to have a very modern feel to it. The superhero names are pretty clever and cool.
The art is done by 3 capable artists, but I liked the art by Oliver Castenada the best.
Looking forward to the second issue.

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