vrijdag 27 december 2013

Bounty Hunter # 0

Darren Walters is Bounty Hunter, a hero faced with an invasion of colorful characters from other dimensions. This plot serves as a good way to introduce many stars from other independent comics such as:  Ben Dunn's Warrior Nun Areala, Nigel Flood's Celtic Clan, Dave Ryan's Orcus and Math Mathonway.
He's recruited into the awesome War of the Independents, so we will see more of this character and see him interact with other independent heroes.
There's a lot of wild energy in this book, which makes it a cool comic to read because it has an enthusiasm that is contagious. The dialogue is pretty enjoyable and fun. I did think the plot moved a bit too fast, new elements introduced a bit too fast. Combined with the original art style it harmed the readability a bit, unfortunately. Perhaps a cleaner art style would have been more appropiate.

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